Monday, November 24, 2014

The Virtual Archive: Kate Malone

In tandem with my print project, From Absorb to Zoom: An Alphabet of Actions in the Women's Art LibraryI am inviting selected artists with documentation in the WAL archive to send me images of recent work to feature on this project blog. 

Kate Malone's exuberant ceramics are inspired by natural forms and feature vibrant crystalline glazes. She works in the public arena -- creating large-scale public projects -- and makes ambitious one-of-a-kind pieces and playful intimate works from studios in London, Barcelona and Provence. Malone's London studio will be open to the public on 6th and 7th of December. 


The Wall of a Thousand Stories: Ceramic installation for the Children's Library at
the Royal Jubilee Library, Brighton, 2004

 Installation shot: A Celebration of Clay by Kate Malone, Canary Wharf, 2014

Malone writes about her work:

I aim to be at the same time both very serious and quite silly, simple and clever, adult and child. My aim is to broadcast a sense of optimism through my work, to touch the emotions, the pleasure buttons of the spirit and chase an instinctive use of positive symbolism. 

I am motivated by a fascination with clay and with nature. Transforming soft wet clay to fired hard ceramic, then to a shiny glazed surface is addictive.

Cut Leaf Squash, 30 x 22 cm, 2014 

Kate Malone In the studio. 

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